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Welding&Fire Blanket

Tectop New Material Co., Ltd is the leading manufacturer with two hundred weaven machines, and five coating machines in China.

The welding&fire blanket produced by Tectop New Material Co. is made of fiberglass fabric, silica fabric or fiberglass fabric with different kinds of coatings. It can protect the welder from sparks, spatter and slag. It also provide a safe and clean environment for welders. According to different materials, it has different temperature from 200℃ to 1100℃.The specification is customized as customers’ requirements.


    Thickness: 0.43mm-1.6mm
    Size: 1m*1m, 1.2m*1.2m, 1.8*1.2m and customized 

    Main performance

    1. Fire resistance and flame retardancy
    2. High temperature resistance
    3. Lightweight and easy to store
    4. Flexible and customizable

    Main applications

    1. Welding 
    2. Metal cutting
    3. Kitchen fire prevention
    4. Escape blankets for entertainment venu

    product description

    We are a professional Chinese supplier, specializing in manufacturing high temperature composite fiberglass fabrics. Welding&fire blanket from Tectop has high quality and low price. It is a fire resistance tool made of fiberglass fabric, silica fabric or fiberglass fabric with different coatings and processed through special processes.  Its main characteristics are: non combustible, high temperature resistance (200-1100 degrees), non irritating, soft and flexible, convenient for wrapping objects and equipment with different surfaces. The size can also be professionally customized according to customer’s requirements. According to its excellent fire resistance, it can be used as protective tools during welding and cutting, to protect humans, objects and equipment from high-temperature sparks generated by welding or fire. In addition, according to specific usage requirements, the welding&fire blanket can be treated with different coatings to improve its effectiveness. For example, it can be processed into a product with characteristics such as water resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, oil resistance and  improved temperature resistance. Welding&fire blanket from Tectop has wide normal specification range and some special types which means it supports customization of color, thickness and width.

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