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Fireproof cloaks and suits

Fireproof cloaks and suits are protective equipment specifically designed to protect personnel safety in high temperature and flame environments.
Fabric characteristics:
1. High temperature resistant glass fiber cloth: High performance materials such as silicone coated glass fiber cloth are usually used, which can maintain stability at extremely high temperatures.
2. Flame retardant performance: prevents flame spread and reduces combustion risk.
3. Thermal insulation performance: effectively blocks heat transfer and protects the body from high temperature injuries.
4. Chemical stability: It is not easily corroded by chemical substances, ensuring long-term effectiveness.
5. Portable performance: Silicone coated fiberglass cloth has the characteristics of light weight, softness, folding resistance, and easy cutting, making it easy to carry and store.
The characteristics of these fabrics enable fireproof cloaks and suits to provide reliable protection for wearers in hazardous environments such as fires.