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Fire Curtain

Fire curtains help prevent the further spread of smoke and flames,reduce the risk of death due to inhalation. Fire curtains serve three main purposes in a building: to limit the initial development of a fire, to prevent the spread of fire, and to protect escape routes. Fire curtains are fire protection systems that help compartmentalise a building and slow the spread of fire and smoke.
Fire curtains are typically made from fiberglass fabric because it is lightweight, has a high heat resistance,resists shrinkage, stretching and fading. Sometimes it is also woven together with other materials to increase its strength and heat resistance properties,such as stainless steel thread, is often stitched into the fabric to help increase its performance.
Fire curtains are commonly used in large commercial premises with open plan building. During a fire, fire curtains become a physical barrier between the fire compartment and evacuation routes.
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