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TECTOP is certified by ISO system


TECTOP company has passed ISO system certification, and all of its products have been certified by SGS and CE authoritative institutions. The purpose of TECTOP company is to "build quality with integrity, win the market with quality". The company believes that attitude determines everything, details determine success or failure, goals determine direction, and actions achieve the future. As a professional glass fiber composite fabric manufacturing enterprise that has been deeply involved in the high-temperature field for many years, the company sells silicone rubber coated fiberglass fabric, polyurethane coated fiberglass fabric, acrylic coated fiberglass fabric, polytetrafluoroethylene fiberglass fabric, aluminum foil glass fiber cloth, fluorine rubber cloth, glass fiber cloth, welding&fire blanket and other products to the world all year round. The company has established good cooperative relationships with customers around the world after years of rapid development, and its business scope covers the world.

The various fiberglass products produced by the company have excellent insulation performance, high temperature resistance, aging resistance, and acid alkali corrosion resistance. All these products have been widely used in aerospace, automotive and shipbuilding, mechanical equipment, high-temperature metallurgy, steel casting, hot spot nuclear power and other related fields, especially in pipeline equipment insulation, fireproof rolling shutter doors, smoke blocking vertical walls and other related supporting facilities, the products demonstrate excellent performance.

In order to meet the growing market demand and increasingly strict quality requirements of customers, the company has recently invested in the construction of a brand new modern chemical plant, with a large number of new production equipment about to be put into operation, achieving a doubling of production capacity while ensuring product quality. In addition, the company will also introduce the latest production technology in the industry, and the variety and specifications of products will become more diverse, which can meet the diverse customization needs of customers.