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High Slica Fabric

Tectop New Material Co., Ltd is the leading manufacturer with two hundred weaven machines, and five coating machines in China.

The silica fabric produced by Tectop New Material Co. is made of fiberglass fabric and silica. It has excellent chemical stability, high temperature resistance and excellent electrical insulation. It is widely used in extemely high temperature environment.


    Specification Weight(gsm) Thickness(mm) Color SiO2Content(%)
    TECTOP-SILICA600 600 0.7 White/Tan 70/85/96
    TECTOP-SILICA1250 1250 1.3 White/Tan 70/85/96

    Main performance

    1. Chemical stability
    2. Electrical insulation
    3. High temperature resistance
    4. Easy to process

    Main applications

    1. Welding&fire blankets
    2. Fire&smoke curtains
    3. Protective shields during welding works 
    4. High temperature resistant
    5. Thermal protection and fire protection
    5. Electrical insulation materials

    product description

    We are a professional Chinese supplier, specializing in manufacturing high temperature composite fiberglass fabrics. High silica fabric from Tectop has high quality and low price.The main component of high silica fabric is sio2. It can remain in good condition even after long-term use at 1000 ℃, and can be used for a short period at a high temperature of 1200 ℃. This type of fabric has excellent high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high strength, and insulation performance, so it is widely used in many high-temperature fields such as fire prevention, insulation, and thermal insulation under high temperature and harsh conditions. According to these characteristics, high silica fabric can also be used as material for welding and fire blankets. High silica fabric from Tectop has wide normal specification range and some special types which means it supports customization of color, thickness and width.

    Recommended specification

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