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Glass Fiber Cloth

Tectop New Material Co., Ltd is the leading manufacturer with two hundred weaven machines, and five coating machines in China.

The glass fiber cloth produced by Tectop New Material Co. is weaved by warp and weft yarn acording to certain rule. It is an excellent performance inorganic non-metallic material. It has excellent corrosive, acid and alkali resistance, with satisfactory heat resistance and high mechanical strength, is an ideal high temperature filtration material. It can maintain stability in high temperature environments, generally able to withstand high temperatures from 550 ℃ to 1500℃.


    Width: 1000mm-3000mm
    Color: White, Tan

    Main performance

    1. Heat resistance
    2. Weather resistance
    3. Acid and alkali resistance, chemical corrosion resistance
    4. High strength and good mechanical properties
    5. High insulation

    Main applications

    1. Heat protection,thermal insulation and flame retardancy
    2. Expansion joints and piping
    2. Welding&fire blankets
    3. removable pads
    4. Basic material for coating, impregnating and laminating

    product description

    We are a professional Chinese supplier, specializing in manufacturing high temperature composite fiberglass fabrics. Glass fiber cloth from Tectop has high quality and low price. It is usually made from glass fiber yarn and woven through processing. According to different weaving techniques, it can be divided into plain weave, twill weave, satin weave, etc. This woven fabric provides excellent strength and is an affordable way to create composite materials. The surface of glass fiber cloth is smooth, easy to clean, and has high tensile and compressive strength, which can meet the needs of various fields. It has excellent corrosion resistance and weather resistance, suitable for various anti-corrosion engineering and construction fields and it can be made into different thicknesses and strengths to meet different application requirements. Fiberglass cloth also has the characteristics of lightweight, high strength, and high temperature resistance, so it has been widely used in heat protection, welding blankets, expansion joints and other fields. Glass fiber cloth from Tectop has wide normal specification range and some special types which means it supports customization of color, thickness and width.

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