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Fluororubber Coated Fiberglass Fabric

Tectop New Material Co., Ltd is the leading manufacturer with two hundred weaven machines, and five coating machines in China.

The fluororubber coated fiberglass fabric produced by Tectop New Material Co. is made of fiberglass fabric and fluororubber.It has excellent heat resistance, weather resistance and easy to cut. It is also an enviromentally friendly product. It can maintain stability in high temperature environments, generally able to withstand high temperatures from 550 ℃ to 1500℃.


    Thickness: 0.6mm-5.0mm
    Width: 1000mm-3000mm
    Color: Various such as black, silver and customized 

    Main performance

    1. Excellent heat resistance
    2. Good wear resistance
    3. Excellent flame retardancy
    4. High strength , easy to cut, divide, and process

    Main applications

    1. Fire&weiding blankets
    2. High temperature field
    3. Fire&smoke curtains
    4. Thermal insulation jackets

    product description

    We are a professional Chinese supplier, specializing in manufacturing high temperature composite fiberglass fabrics. Fluororubber coated fiberglass fabric from Tectop has high quality and low price. Fluororubber coated fiberglass cloth is a composite material coated with fluororubber on glass fiber cloth, which has excellent properties such as high temperature resistance, oil resistance, and chemical corrosion resistance. It can be used at very high temperatures, with a continuous working temperature of over 200 ℃. It can withstand high temperatures of over 300 ℃ in a short period of time and is resistant to the erosion of various oils, lubricants, and other substances. It can maintain its performance and shape in contact with oil environments. Therefore, in the field of petrochemicals, it is used to manufacture anti-corrosion and sealing materials for high-temperature pipelines, reactors, heat exchangers, and other equipment, and packaging materials for chemicals, etc. It also has good insulation performance and can be used for electrical insulation in high temperature and high pressure environments. Fluororubber coated fiberglass fabric from Tectop has wide normal specification range and some special types which means it supports customization of color, thickness and width.

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