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Carbon Fiber Welding Blanket

Tectop New Material Co., Ltd is the leading manufacturer with two hundred weaven machines, and five coating machines in China.

The carbon fiber welding blanket produced by Tectop New Material Co. is a new type of fire resistant and heat-insulating material, which is composed of carbon fiber and organic polymer materials. It can protect the welder from sparks, spatter and slag. It also provide a safe and clean environment for welders. According to different materials, it has different temperature from 200℃ to 1100℃.The specification is customized as customers’ requirements.


    Thickness: 0.43mm-1.6mm
    Size: 1m*1m, 1.2m*1.2m, 1.8*1.2m and customized 

    Main performance

    1. Fire resistance and flame retardancy
    2. High temperature resistance
    3. Lightweight and easy to cut
    4. Flexible and customizable
    5. Corrosion resistance, acid resistance, and alkali resistance

    Main applications

    1. Welding 
    2. Metal cutting
    3. Insulation jackets and heat-insulating materials
    4. Temperature resistant and heat-insulating materials

    product description

    We are a professional Chinese supplier, specializing in manufacturing high temperature composite fiberglass fabrics. Carbon fiber welding blanket from Tectop has high quality and low price. This material has excellent characteristics such as light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, sound insulation, and insulation, and is widely used in high temperature fields. It can be used for a long time at high temperatures without softening or deformation. At the same time, it has excellent fire resistance and can effectively prevent the spread of flames. It also has high tensile and bending strength, and is not easily deformed or damaged; Good corrosion resistance, able to resist the erosion of chemicals such as acid, alkali, and salt. In addtion, it has good insulation performance, making it suitable for use as an insulation material. So it is often used in the aerospace and electronic fields. Carbon fiber welding blanket from Tectop has wide normal specification range and some special types which means it supports customization of color, thickness and width.

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